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Viva Luxe is an interior design studio that seeks to bring life-filled design to the every day rooms that you occupy. If you love it, buy it, find a place for it. Such is the joy of design, and this is the mentality Amy brings to her projects and infuses into her design. She strives to bring each and every room to life no matter how mod, classic, plush, or minimal.

Recognized by magazines like Better Homes and Gardens and websites like Houzz, Amy has cultivated a vision and brand that translates universally. With a home base in Bristol, Virginia, Viva Luxe is set to travel, bringing her designs and personality to cities near and far. The pleasure in escaping to the sanctuary that you create in your own home cannot be defined by one city or geography, but to the happiness that you find in your own design – something that Amy seeks to bring to life.

Your interiors are as much a work of art in which your life happens and your memories are made. And interior designers like Amy are not merely personal shoppers or furniture arrangers, but artists who take your vision and bring to life something that you never even thought possible.


Following her passion and years with one of Charleston’s most prestigious firms, a move to SW Virginia inspired Amy to launch Viva Luxe Studios on 2012. She seeks to give clients a collaborative experience that uniquely fits their project. From the start of her career, she has been recognized nationally by publications such as Better Homes and Gardens and Southern Living. Continuing to bring life-filled design to the spaces that you live in every day rests at the core of Viva Luxe’s passion.

A direct result of Viva Luxe’s success and growth, Anna Hibbitts joins Viva Luxe as an associate designer with focus and accolades in kitchen and bath design. As a team, Viva Luxe is able to bring clients a superior level of resources, creativity and services. The resources they have cultivated enables them to give each client a completely personal experience and individual finished product.


Best of Houzz 2017 – Awarded for Design

Best of Houzz 2016 – Awarded for Design

Best of Houzz 2015 – Awarded for Design

Best of Houzz 2014 – Awarded for Client Satisfaction

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