three cheers for target

does anyone else have a problem with going into target to grab a gallon of milk and some tp…then you end up walking out with lamps, accessories, etc?!

their new threshold collection is bursting with goodness.  not all of it is inexpensive but the styling is great and so far, the quality seems good.  here are some of my favorites.


Target Tray

who doesn’t love a colorful, patterned tray?

Target Prints

not exactly for my house but i love the color and the shape variety of these flower prints.  if you don’t love the prints, pop em out and put in a wallpaper sample for a dose of color.  yes, please on the containers at the bottom of the frame, too!

Target pillows

pilllows and studded storage ottoman…

Target Glass Lamp

you can always use a glass lamp. i would say that i use one (or a pair) in most of my projects.  i actually got one this time to take to the man’s office.  

Target Lamp

i kind of like the white column lamp on the left and the yellow pattern on the right.  (sorry to the flowers in the middle)  a bit retro but a fun relief from lamp, lamp, lamp. i put some ceramic ones in my guest room….another story for another day!

Target Containers

great variety of sizes in this turquoise container

Target Succulent

maybe this succulent will survive where my real ones didn’t. i don’t think that i gave them the idea lighting conditions but i sure did love them while they lasted.

Target Shade

this is the shade that i got for my glass lamp. i’m looking to spice things up for my heart doctor’s office. just because it’s work doesn’t mean it can’t have a bit of fun.  oh, and don’t you love the blue glass?!!?

Target Lamp

perhaps not the shade and lamp together…however, the rope lamp with acrylic base is not so over the top nautical.

Target Butterflies

these shadowbox butterflies flank my painting just perfectly!! not bad for target! (the print is from celadon in charleston)

last but not least, i finally decided where to put my nate berkus faux tortoise shell.  you may be thinking…”isn’t he lonely up there all by himself.”  perhaps for some but not for me.  i thoroughly enjoy some relief wall and the exaggeration that comes from playing with the size of your wall decor.

Nate Berkus Tortoise

and wouldn’t you know that i forgot the milk?!

cheers to keeping an eye out for good design….everywhere!


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