keep your eyes open…..always…part 2!
wicker bar cart

well, hello, amazing, vintage wicker bar cart!

if that isn’t a reward for keeping my eyes open, i don’t know what is.  i stopped at a little shop that i’d driven by for the past 6 months.  i picked the coldest day to stop and peruse the outside lot and the inside spoils.  boy, oh boy, did it pay off.  so what’s the lesson here?  life lesson being never be afraid to stop and smell the roses and to poke around a bit.  design lesson is that what was…is back again.  it just so happens that the bar cart is HUGE right now.  take a look at these stunners!

One Kings Lane

this one used to be on one king’s lane…doesn’t it look just like the one i found?! i kind of want to do some research to learn some more about its origins.

1st Dibs

this one on 1st dibs is clean and simple.

Serena and LIly Bar Cart

love me some bamboo! this one from serena and lily is awfully versatile and it comes in two different sizes.

and here it is all made up!

Serena and LIly bar cart

classic but could be made up wtih some crazy glassware to completely alter the tone….

Roberta Schilling

a snapshot from april market

worlds away bar cart

another high point snapshot

just a pretty shot from the hampton hostess…who wouldn’t love to be a hampton hostess?!

the life styled

and from the life styled…loving the green bottles of pellegrino for a spot of color

whether it’s new or vintage, bar carts are a fun way to store your goodies and to show off some fancy glassware.  something about a bar cart also says “i am fun!”  emily henderson wrote one of my favorite blogs on the subject.  in the pursuit of fun, here are some other spoils from the day.



does this make anyone else think of a lawn jockey?

lawn jockey

giant fans! these area FLASHBACK. my nana has oodles of little ones that we used on those hot kiawah summer days. i love the scale of these large ones and think it would be interesting to paint a pattern on them to add some color to the already rich texture.

don’t call me crazy but a little bit of rub’n'buff will take this polished brass to a nice antiqued/brushed brass. i love the layers of smoky/amber glass…each with a linear star etched on it. i’ll let you know where it winds up.

happy looking!  keep those eyes open!  cheers to the weekend!  -amy

2 thoughts on “keep your eyes open…..always…part 2!

  1. Hi very interested in the Katy Mini lamps you posted for sale in September– are they still avail? I would need them this week, I can give you a Fedex number.

    You have great stuff!


    Maia javan
    production Design

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