in pursuit of hospitality…my guest room (finally!)

remember this?

guest bedroom before

or these?

step 1…paint bed


mirror is coming next….

i ended up having to take the mirror apart to be able to paint the overlay that reflects in the mirror.  ugh but worth doing it right!

tada…the final product minus a few touches such as some more wall decor, bedding and a bedskirt!  (note:the first photograph’s coloring is the most accurate.)

guest bedroom makeover

whenever possible, i like to have a variety of lighting options in a guest room. here we have lamps, a chandelier on a dimmer and natural sunlight.

Bedskirt material

using this romo fabric to pull the purples out of the window seat and the coloring out of the color over the bed.  i am thinking about adding an orangish trim to pull it all together.

Wing Chair

i always like to have a place for a guest to sit or to at least pile their belongings. in this guest room, there is the slipcovered wing chair and the window seats.  (yes, this coloring is TERRIBLE.  not awesome to shoot into the light blasting in the windows.)


Tray on console table

another note for a guest room is to have a place to personalize your guests’ stay….this navy blue tray is the perfect spot to place some water and glass, maybe a magazine, a granola bar and a chocolate nibble….yep, i just got lucky and found a tray that was already the perfect color.


Target Butterflies

these shadowbox butterflies flank my painting just perfectly!! not bad for target! (the print is from celadon in charleston)

now for a little recap on how it came about:

-paint bed and mirror to match (cost: some leftover paint from the kitchen cabinets, one paint brush and a bit of patience)

-pull left over furniture out of the garage and see what works!

-find some colorful lamps (these were found at tj maxx) (cost: $80 total)

-spray paint old brass chandelier that used to be in the foyer using a high gloss navy blue and don’t forget the fun rounded bulbs….they are far more fun than the traditional flame tip (cost: $4.99 for the paint and about that for the bulbs)

-find a pair of scarves and wrap them around your window seat cushions (these were also found at tj maxx) (cost: $40 total)

-layer it up and coordinate with accessories: a tray, a candle, a book, a colorful throw, pillows (still working on those) (cost: i lost track but i’m going to estimate it at maybe $30 so far and pillows haven’t been accounted for)

-window treatments…these just needed to soften the windows and to add a bit of color.  i can highly recommend the crate and barrel hardware.  and did you know that you can find longer panels at than they have in the stores?  i went with these by nate berkus.  they are “grey” but really cast a soft lavender hue.  not to mention, the herringbone weave is just luscious.  i used two 95″ panels at the large window and one 84″ panel for each window seat. (cost: $200ish….)

-oh!  the coral patterned dhurrie was from the last house’s living room.  it isn’t ideal or in awesome shape but it is the perfect place holder until i see something else.  i am between something soft and subtle or something colorful and patterned.

and when your guest room happens to actually have a guest in it, don’t forget some super personal touches.  some vos water, granola bars, ibuprofen is always a good idea in case there is a headache from the flight or a fun night, maybe a fresh magazine that hits on your guest’s interests.  what perfect things to sit in that colorful tray you found!

sure, i would have LOVED to do some custom panels with a print or something like a wool sheer but i must draw the line somewhere.  not to mention, being sensible in the guest room will move other things on my wishlist up to the top….cue the master bedroom.  it’s about the creative process and the final result.  the budget is merely a tool to be reckoned with.  whether the budget is large or small, it can be done exceedingly well!

cheers to the creative process and thanks for waiting so long to see the result.  i must confess that it has been finished for a while now but i just picked the bedskirt fabric this week.  you’re not the only one out there mulling things over.  for now…time to cook dinner…amy

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