a new obsession (for me)

oh my!  i may be late to game with this one but i plan to make up for lost time.  quickly!

chandelier with blue candle sleeves

via thebigpieceofcake.com

a client introduced me to these beauties just recently.  kaarskoker was started by april pride back in 2008 and has been making waves ever since.  i don’t know how i missed getting knocked over by the breakers until now but i am officially sucking in salt water as i wade through the kaarskoker website.  i honestly don’t know where to begin or which chandelier to put them on.  or should i line the dining room table with candlesticks??  what a unique way to bring some color and pattern into a room.  so subtle yet so poignant.  i could go on and on but the photos are so much more effective.  happy looking and good luck resisting the urge to by some for yourself.

first….some of my current favorites

kaarskoker pink peacock

kaarskoker mallards eye

kaarskoker gray purple scale

kaarskoker fancy feather

kaarskoker blue rasberry deco

kaarskoker yellow coral

red fretwork

jade silver y knot

can you stand it?  can you tell how excited i am about this “new-to-me” find?

via housebeautiful.com

and here are some marvelous transformations from the world wide web…

via younghouselove.com

via kaarskoker.com


via the kaarskoker blog


i literally cannot stand the possibilities.  cheers and happy friday.  may your weekend bring you a moment or two of down time, a moment to catch up on reading both online and on paper (my february house beautiful looks fantastic) and a moment or 100 with those you love….amy

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