More Goodies

Round 2 of Inventory Clearance

Vintage Rattan Table in Tomato Red… $150   IMG_0241IMG_0239

Set of 4 Dip Dyed Baskets… $75  IMG_0250

Set of 4 Natural and Black Geometric Baskets (other 3 smaller baskets not shown)… $75  IMG_0249

Yastik… $185   IMG_0242

Yastik… $185  IMG_0248

Yastik… $185 IMG_0247

Yastik… $195 IMG_0246

Yastik… $185 IMG_0245

Yastik… $185  IMG_0244

Yastik… $185   IMG_0243

It’s Gotta Go!

Round 1

October market is just around the corner!  You know what that means….I need room for new inventory.  Here are some things that are in the stock closet.  Take a gander.  Hope you find something you love!  Email me at if you’re interested in sizing or more details on anything.

Dwell Studio King Size Duvet Cover and 2 King Shams…$250     IMG_0236

Gabby Home Champagne Metallic Mirror…$400      IMG_0237IMG_0238

Ro Sham Beaux Katy Minis…$125 each      IMG_0225

Ryan Studios Pillow…$75      IMG_0226

Custom King Size Matelasse with cornflower blue chain detail and scalloped edges….$400

IMG_0227 IMG_0228

Vintage Side Table…$100        IMG_0232

Pair of Serena and Lily Sweater Fox Pillows…$45 each      IMG_0216

Target Turquoise Large Platter and Bowl (props)…$50     IMG_0217

Acrylic Nesting Tables…$225   IMG_0220

Ro Sham Beaux Cindy Mini Navy…$199   IMG_0221 IMG_0223

African fans…$45 each    IMG_0211

Basket…$125   IMG_0212

Basket…$100   IMG_0213

Basket…$125   IMG_0214

Basket…$125   IMG_0215

Pair of Linen Pillows and Inserts… $95 each  IMG_0206IMG_0205

Large Scale Woven Fans… $75 for the pairIMG_0207

Mother of Pearl Small Round Mirror… $50  IMG_0208

Peter Fasano Yardage… $100  IMG_0210

Anthropologie Chair… $795  IMG_0201  IMG_0200

Yastik… $185  IMG_0202

Pair of Linen Lampshades… $75 for the pair IMG_0203 IMG_0204

inaugural Vive Luxe blog post

Blog Opener


A blog.  There are so many out there that are established, wonderful and with purpose.  Why in the world am I trying to break into their community?  Well, because I want to start a conversation.  Perhaps it is for myself…to have an outlet for all of the thoughts and ideas that run through my head on a daily basis.  Perhaps it is in hopes that someone might enjoy reading, take away something, relate.  I know that it won’t be for everyone but if it is even just for some one….then I will be content.  So here goes!  The inaugural Vive Luxe blog post.

What will this blog look like?  (Sidebar…I reserve the right to change my mind along the way.)  It will be a collage of thoughts about interior design, life, food, travel, family…you name it.  I won’t ever claim to be an expert but more an avid participant making observations along the way.  I hope to share things in which I find value, interest, fun.  I don’t claim expert status on anything but interior design; the rest are just experiences and thoughts to share.  And even then, it is the interior design through my eyes.  Over the next little while, I’ll introduce you to the Viva Luxe life; who the players are, a day in the life, my design world and more.  It is daunting to begin but at some point you have to break out of your comfort zone in hopes of finding and creating something greater than you could have imagined.  Here we go…starting the conversation.  Cheers!

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in pursuit of hospitality…my guest room (finally!)

remember this?

guest bedroom before

or these?

step 1…paint bed


mirror is coming next….

i ended up having to take the mirror apart to be able to paint the overlay that reflects in the mirror.  ugh but worth doing it right!

tada…the final product minus a few touches such as some more wall decor, bedding and a bedskirt!  (note:the first photograph’s coloring is the most accurate.)

guest bedroom makeover

whenever possible, i like to have a variety of lighting options in a guest room. here we have lamps, a chandelier on a dimmer and natural sunlight.

Bedskirt material

using this romo fabric to pull the purples out of the window seat and the coloring out of the color over the bed.  i am thinking about adding an orangish trim to pull it all together.

Wing Chair

i always like to have a place for a guest to sit or to at least pile their belongings. in this guest room, there is the slipcovered wing chair and the window seats.  (yes, this coloring is TERRIBLE.  not awesome to shoot into the light blasting in the windows.)


Tray on console table

another note for a guest room is to have a place to personalize your guests’ stay….this navy blue tray is the perfect spot to place some water and glass, maybe a magazine, a granola bar and a chocolate nibble….yep, i just got lucky and found a tray that was already the perfect color.


Target Butterflies

these shadowbox butterflies flank my painting just perfectly!! not bad for target! (the print is from celadon in charleston)

now for a little recap on how it came about:

-paint bed and mirror to match (cost: some leftover paint from the kitchen cabinets, one paint brush and a bit of patience)

-pull left over furniture out of the garage and see what works!

-find some colorful lamps (these were found at tj maxx) (cost: $80 total)

-spray paint old brass chandelier that used to be in the foyer using a high gloss navy blue and don’t forget the fun rounded bulbs….they are far more fun than the traditional flame tip (cost: $4.99 for the paint and about that for the bulbs)

-find a pair of scarves and wrap them around your window seat cushions (these were also found at tj maxx) (cost: $40 total)

-layer it up and coordinate with accessories: a tray, a candle, a book, a colorful throw, pillows (still working on those) (cost: i lost track but i’m going to estimate it at maybe $30 so far and pillows haven’t been accounted for)

-window treatments…these just needed to soften the windows and to add a bit of color.  i can highly recommend the crate and barrel hardware.  and did you know that you can find longer panels at than they have in the stores?  i went with these by nate berkus.  they are “grey” but really cast a soft lavender hue.  not to mention, the herringbone weave is just luscious.  i used two 95″ panels at the large window and one 84″ panel for each window seat. (cost: $200ish….)

-oh!  the coral patterned dhurrie was from the last house’s living room.  it isn’t ideal or in awesome shape but it is the perfect place holder until i see something else.  i am between something soft and subtle or something colorful and patterned.

and when your guest room happens to actually have a guest in it, don’t forget some super personal touches.  some vos water, granola bars, ibuprofen is always a good idea in case there is a headache from the flight or a fun night, maybe a fresh magazine that hits on your guest’s interests.  what perfect things to sit in that colorful tray you found!

sure, i would have LOVED to do some custom panels with a print or something like a wool sheer but i must draw the line somewhere.  not to mention, being sensible in the guest room will move other things on my wishlist up to the top….cue the master bedroom.  it’s about the creative process and the final result.  the budget is merely a tool to be reckoned with.  whether the budget is large or small, it can be done exceedingly well!

cheers to the creative process and thanks for waiting so long to see the result.  i must confess that it has been finished for a while now but i just picked the bedskirt fabric this week.  you’re not the only one out there mulling things over.  for now…time to cook dinner…amy

keep your eyes open…..always…part 2!
wicker bar cart

well, hello, amazing, vintage wicker bar cart!

if that isn’t a reward for keeping my eyes open, i don’t know what is.  i stopped at a little shop that i’d driven by for the past 6 months.  i picked the coldest day to stop and peruse the outside lot and the inside spoils.  boy, oh boy, did it pay off.  so what’s the lesson here?  life lesson being never be afraid to stop and smell the roses and to poke around a bit.  design lesson is that what was…is back again.  it just so happens that the bar cart is HUGE right now.  take a look at these stunners!

One Kings Lane

this one used to be on one king’s lane…doesn’t it look just like the one i found?! i kind of want to do some research to learn some more about its origins.

1st Dibs

this one on 1st dibs is clean and simple.

Serena and LIly Bar Cart

love me some bamboo! this one from serena and lily is awfully versatile and it comes in two different sizes.

and here it is all made up!

Serena and LIly bar cart

classic but could be made up wtih some crazy glassware to completely alter the tone….

Roberta Schilling

a snapshot from april market

worlds away bar cart

another high point snapshot

just a pretty shot from the hampton hostess…who wouldn’t love to be a hampton hostess?!

the life styled

and from the life styled…loving the green bottles of pellegrino for a spot of color

whether it’s new or vintage, bar carts are a fun way to store your goodies and to show off some fancy glassware.  something about a bar cart also says “i am fun!”  emily henderson wrote one of my favorite blogs on the subject.  in the pursuit of fun, here are some other spoils from the day.



does this make anyone else think of a lawn jockey?

lawn jockey

giant fans! these area FLASHBACK. my nana has oodles of little ones that we used on those hot kiawah summer days. i love the scale of these large ones and think it would be interesting to paint a pattern on them to add some color to the already rich texture.

don’t call me crazy but a little bit of rub’n'buff will take this polished brass to a nice antiqued/brushed brass. i love the layers of smoky/amber glass…each with a linear star etched on it. i’ll let you know where it winds up.

happy looking!  keep those eyes open!  cheers to the weekend!  -amy

keep your eyes open…..always…part 1!

sometimes, life seems to be playing the perfect soundtrack.  it all started when i set out to tackle the big hill.  running.  up it.  i have been intimidated by these virginian hills but for some reason (and with the encouragement of a good friend…thanks, hannah!), i felt strong.  the surrounding hills were covered in snow with kids gleefully sledding down them.  i don’t seem to have any pictures from that day (probably because i was focusing on my breathing); however, these images from during the snow and the days that followed will get the gist across.

snow plow

following the snow plow home….he abandoned me short of the house and it was dicey!


the view from my side porch…the trees covered in sparkly snow is quite a beautiful sight to behold.

horses in snow

the horses from the neighboring farm ventured out. i kind of want to ride one.

i have been spinning after all.  that has to mean my legs are stronger.  so i set out rocking my lululemons and a mean collaboration on pandora radio.  it sounded a little like this: lumineers, florence, lumineers, she & him, zee avi, angus & julia stone, lumineers and a little needtobreathe for good measure.  (the lumineers’ new cd is greatness!)  i could kick myself for tackling the first 3 hills and wimping out at the very top of the last one.  i could have done it.  oh well…that leaves something to work for, right?  back to the sound track…needtobreathe’s “keep your eyes open” has been playing over and over in my head ever since.  yes, this is a bit cheesy and serious so i promise to get to the fun part in a mere moment.

i found these words uniquely true as i forge my way here in va.  i’m not saying that i’m not looking back because i love and adore what is in the rearview.  all i’m saying is that i am joyfully stepping forward as well.  stay tuned tomorrow for the super fun and design related version of keep your eyes open, part ii.  cheers until tomorrow when i share the design part of keep your eyes open….amy

“Keep Your Eyes Open”
If you could soldier on

Headstrong into the storm
I’ll be here waiting on the other side
Don’t look back
The road is long
The first days of the war are gone
Take back your former throne and turn the tideCause if you never leave home, never let go
You’ll never make it to the great unknown till you
Keep your eyes open, my love
So tell me you’re strong, tell me you see
I need to hear it, can you promise me to
Keep your eyes open, my loveJust past the circumstance
The first light, a second chance
No child could ever dance the way you do, oh
Tear down the prison walls
Don’t start the curtain call
Your chains will never fall until you doCause if you never leave home, never let go
You’ll never make it to the great unknown till you
Keep your eyes open, my love
So show me your fire, show me your heart
You know I’ll never let you fall apart if you
Keep your eyes open, my love

Open up
Open up
Open up your eyes
The weight is unbroken
Open up
Open up
Open up your eyes
Keep your eyes open

Don’t let the night become the day
Don’t take the darkness to the grave
I know pain is just a place
The will has been broken
Don’t let the fear become the hate
Don’t take the sadness to the grave
I know the fight is on the way
When the sides have been chosen

Cause if you never leave home, never let go
You’ll never make it to the great unknown
Open up your eyes
Keep your eyes open
So tell me you’re strong, tell me you see
I need to hear it, can you promise me to
Keep your eyes open, my love
So show me your fire, show me your heart
You know I’ll never let you fall apart if you
Keep your eyes open, my love

Keep your eyes (Keep your eyes open)

three cheers for target

does anyone else have a problem with going into target to grab a gallon of milk and some tp…then you end up walking out with lamps, accessories, etc?!

their new threshold collection is bursting with goodness.  not all of it is inexpensive but the styling is great and so far, the quality seems good.  here are some of my favorites.


Target Tray

who doesn’t love a colorful, patterned tray?

Target Prints

not exactly for my house but i love the color and the shape variety of these flower prints.  if you don’t love the prints, pop em out and put in a wallpaper sample for a dose of color.  yes, please on the containers at the bottom of the frame, too!

Target pillows

pilllows and studded storage ottoman…

Target Glass Lamp

you can always use a glass lamp. i would say that i use one (or a pair) in most of my projects.  i actually got one this time to take to the man’s office.  

Target Lamp

i kind of like the white column lamp on the left and the yellow pattern on the right.  (sorry to the flowers in the middle)  a bit retro but a fun relief from lamp, lamp, lamp. i put some ceramic ones in my guest room….another story for another day!

Target Containers

great variety of sizes in this turquoise container

Target Succulent

maybe this succulent will survive where my real ones didn’t. i don’t think that i gave them the idea lighting conditions but i sure did love them while they lasted.

Target Shade

this is the shade that i got for my glass lamp. i’m looking to spice things up for my heart doctor’s office. just because it’s work doesn’t mean it can’t have a bit of fun.  oh, and don’t you love the blue glass?!!?

Target Lamp

perhaps not the shade and lamp together…however, the rope lamp with acrylic base is not so over the top nautical.

Target Butterflies

these shadowbox butterflies flank my painting just perfectly!! not bad for target! (the print is from celadon in charleston)

last but not least, i finally decided where to put my nate berkus faux tortoise shell.  you may be thinking…”isn’t he lonely up there all by himself.”  perhaps for some but not for me.  i thoroughly enjoy some relief wall and the exaggeration that comes from playing with the size of your wall decor.

Nate Berkus Tortoise

and wouldn’t you know that i forgot the milk?!

cheers to keeping an eye out for good design….everywhere!


a new obsession (for me)

oh my!  i may be late to game with this one but i plan to make up for lost time.  quickly!

chandelier with blue candle sleeves


a client introduced me to these beauties just recently.  kaarskoker was started by april pride back in 2008 and has been making waves ever since.  i don’t know how i missed getting knocked over by the breakers until now but i am officially sucking in salt water as i wade through the kaarskoker website.  i honestly don’t know where to begin or which chandelier to put them on.  or should i line the dining room table with candlesticks??  what a unique way to bring some color and pattern into a room.  so subtle yet so poignant.  i could go on and on but the photos are so much more effective.  happy looking and good luck resisting the urge to by some for yourself.

first….some of my current favorites

kaarskoker pink peacock

kaarskoker mallards eye

kaarskoker gray purple scale

kaarskoker fancy feather

kaarskoker blue rasberry deco

kaarskoker yellow coral

red fretwork

jade silver y knot

can you stand it?  can you tell how excited i am about this “new-to-me” find?


and here are some marvelous transformations from the world wide web…




via the kaarskoker blog


i literally cannot stand the possibilities.  cheers and happy friday.  may your weekend bring you a moment or two of down time, a moment to catch up on reading both online and on paper (my february house beautiful looks fantastic) and a moment or 100 with those you love….amy

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